Monday, February 1, 2010

Works in progress

Am I ever going to finish all of the projects I have started? (Don't answer that!) It may look like I am incredibly productive this year, if only because I have a goal to finish all of the projects I have started. I know I'm not the only one. :) I have a few that are cut out, a few that are partially sewn together, and one finished quilt top, pictured on the left. I need to hurry and get it quilted--my favorite time to finish binding is on longer car trips. in fact, that might be the only time I do bindings by hand, and we are heading to Richmond at the end of the month so J can go to the handmade bike show (dangerous, I know). I really need to step it up and finish this quilt, meant for the bike trailer/jogging stroller/park.

Which brings me to the other reason I need to finish this quilt. I'm signed up for a sprint triathlon in June. A lot of  J's friends are participating, and I tend to be a competitive person, so I need to get started with my training! Perhaps putting the quilt in the bike trailer with Mr. L and a friend--now that's a serious workout--will encourage me to go faster! Now I just need all of the snow to melt!!! (I'm excited, one of my friends has signed up for the triathlon too! I've been trying to convince a few others--ladies???!!!???)

And finally -- am I ever going to finish these stockings, featured on The Purl Bee?!?!  I love them! But the one inch squares take a while...even when strip piecing. I guess I have a few months for these. :)

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