Monday, February 1, 2010

Que Romanti

We have great friends who moved away a few years ago. Of course I cried buckets. Anyway, they recently had their fourth baby, and this quilt turned out to be a great fit for them, I think. I loved the polka dot fabric (Clementine by Me and My Sisters Designs), and had fun figuring out a design. I wanted something romantic (as in idealistic/fanciful/emphasizing "imagination, emotion, and introspection,") that could also be used at the park, in the car, wherever! After all, these are my most romantic friends, hand delivering wedding-invitation scrolls, sipping Kedem juice by candlelight on Passover, speaking exotic languages in far away lands, etc. etc. etc.

Lesson Learned: When sketching (or at least my version of sketching) a design, don't use solid colors to designate polka dots! Your picture and the actual quilt will turn out much differently. The design would have been more apparent had I used green squares instead of white, or if the polka dots were denser. Oh well.

Favorite Part: The back is fun--the chevron quilting is apparent, and its green! Which means it can be dragged around on the grass and any grass stains will "go."

Photo Thoughts: Don't take photos at dusk before a huge snowstorm. The colors will be distorted and your quilt will look, well, a bit funny. :)

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