Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Valentines Day. A few weeks late!

Mr. L. and I decided to make Valentines for his friends this year. Or rather, he's always up for a fun art project and I saw this online and thought it looked like fun. Last fall, we tried to melt his old crayons into new crayons.  But, er, I decided there was enough wax in the crayons and didn't spray the muffin tins and it was a gigantic failure. And a terrible mess. We were much happier with the result this time around. 

Peeling 60 or so crayons can take quite a while, even when you have an enthusastic toddler doing most of the peeling. To speed it up, I made one cut down the side of the crayon wrapper, then gave it to Mr. L., who easily took the wrapper off. We broke the crayons (of course the most fun part), I sprayed the tins, he put the crayon pieces in muffin tins, and baked them at 275 for about 5 minutes. We popped them in the freezer after the pan had cooled, and the crayons popped right out. :) I think they were a hit at preschool. Or at least the other moms were glad they didn't contribute to the Valentine's Day sugar high!

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