Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gifts for Baby N

My daughter received these three special quilts--the first is from her maternal grandmother. I love it! I had been wanting to make a similar quilt for her, and now I don't have to! The fabric is mostly American Vintage with some fun surprises thrown in.

The second quilt was made by my mom. Its huge, and has minky on the back. I use it all the time for those middle of the night feedings--it fits me perfectly. :) We laughed, because my mom pieced a quilt for Mr. L., and my mother in law quilted a panel with minky on the back. The opposite happened for N. The picture doesn't do it justice. And yes, my fence is crooked.

The final quilt was originally made for me by my great grandmother, Naomi. Its hand quilted, and beautiful. My mom thought N. and I might enjoy it. We love it!

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