Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Love Flights of Fancy

This is one of my favorite fabric lines. You will notice pieces of it crop up in a number of projects. I made this quilt for a wonderful friend's new baby boy who was born earlier this summer. It coordinated with her nursery colors, and I loved loved loved the fabrics. My original idea didn't quite pan out. But of course, I'd already cut the fabric for the original idea. So, I had to incorporate some white into it. Quite a bit of white. Again, its a good thing I'm having a baby girl, or I think I would have kept this one for myself.
Lessons Learned: Lesson #1--Make a sample block before you cut all of your fabric. Lesson #2--quilting on a not great machine, even with a walking foot, can make you want to pull your hair out and scream. Lesson #3--Its really hard to match up a pieced back and pieced front if you are a bit haphazard about it. Lesson #4--Maybe I will get better at this? Including the photography? :) Lesson #5--Pay attention to the directionality of your fabric when you are cutting it! And sewing it, I guess.

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